Quick Start

Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Go to Demo link and select a Subject

Click on Free Demo button in this page and take a free test on any given paper/subject.

In the Demo version, there are limited but relevant multiple choice question sets as per the examination pattern. In each attempt, you will be asked a set of 5 questions which are to be completed in 3 minutes. Complete the test and get your score instantly. You can take the free test as many times as you wish. You can try it out until you score 100%.

Step 2: Try it out until you get 100% score

We recommend you to choose one demo and attempt it for just 20 times. Take a note of your score for each attempt and observe your performance. Try again...and...again...

Step 3: Review your experience honestly

If you have sincerely followed the instructions given in Step 1 and Step 2, now take a deep breath and ask you yourself:
If your answer is YES, you appear to be a serious aspirant and now you are ready for a thorough preparation for the forthcoming Examination. So, in order to access our exhaustive set of questions for your practice, you need to enroll with us and make payment.

Step 4: Enroll with us and Make payment

Once you are satisfied with our demo service and wish to prepare seriously for your exam, you need to choose a suitable Plan and subscribe to it by making a secured online payment. If you don't want to make online payment and looking for an alternative way of making payment, please fill the enrollment form. Our representative will contact you shortly.

Step 5: Get Access Code through Email / SMS

After you make payment successfully, your account activation usually takes 24 hours and you will receive the access code through EMail/SMS.
If you do not receive your access code in your Email within 24 hours after the successful payment, please contact us through Support link provided in the footer of this site. We usually resolve your issue with 3 working days.

Step 6: Start preparing on Practice Mode

Once you receive the access code, you can start your preparation by visiting the Practice Mode links given in this site. In Practice mode, the correct answer will be revealed after you answer each question and the final score will be shown at the end. There may be a short explanation to the correct answer, which is presented to you only in the Practice mode.

Step 7: Evaluate your performance on Exam Mode and Enjoy your confidence!

After a few attempts of practice, you can start evaluating yourself by visiting the Exam Mode links given in this site. In the Exam mode, the score will be revealed only when you finish answering all questions.

Important Note: The validity of the CTET subscription is 90 days from the date of receipt of your User ID or the number of sessions (270 practice + 20 pretest sessions for CTET), whichever is earlier. After the expiry of your validity period or usage of the number of allowed sessions, as the case may be, you are required to pay again for a fresh subscription.
After receiving the User ID and password, if you do not practice, you will certainly be the loser. There is no refund claim entertained in such cases.