1. What is myPretest.com?

myPretest.com is an online portal which committed to help students and aspired teachers to prepare themseves in a better way for their respective exams. At present, we focus on the practice of MCQ pattern tests. We do not provide any learning material for any exam. The aspirants must refer to their respective course materials and syllabus.

2. Why myPretest.com?

We believe that there is no short-cut to get success. Therefore, we recommend that you practice again and again until you score 100% consecutively for three times in a particular subject / chapter /paper. There is NO probable or possible questions in our approach. Rather we have well designed exhaustive set of questions to reinforce your learning through practice. This, in turn, boosts your confidence to appear for the real exam and score high with excitement.

3. How can I be benefited from myPretest.com?

We recommend to select a particular topic/subject in Demo and attempt it as many times as you can. After a few attempts if you realize that your score is improving and you are learning through practice, you can opt for a Standard version. The Basic (demo) version is limited to few questions on few topics, whereas a Standard version has an exhaustive set of questions to master your subjects.

4. Do I need to pay for a Demo test?

NO. You do not need to pay for taking a demo test which is a Basic version. However, but for a Standard version you need to pay a price.

We believe in high quality and every quality product/service comes with a price. For your serious prepartion, you need to subcribe our service.

5. Do I need to Enroll to subscribe to the Standard plan?

NO. You need not enroll to subscribe a Plan. You can directly pay for a package and get the access code and other information through SMS/Email.

You are required to enroll with us in order to get more information, if you want. Make payment and get access code for the Standard version.

In either case, you must provide an active email ID and your mobile number. Please note that without providing a valid Email ID, you will not be allowed to subscribe to any of our Standard/Premium plans.

6. What is the process of making payment?

I. Choose your desired package.
II. Provide your details (Name, Email, Mobile, etc subject to the Terms of Use agreement)
III. Follow the secured payment gateway instructions to make the payment through your Debit/Credit card.
IV. After successful payment, please wait for 24 hours to get the access code and the neccessary instructions.

7. Is the online payment secure?

YES. It is absolutely safe to make payment with payUmoney. If you have an account with PayUmoney.com, then your money is secured with PayUmoney until you receive the access code. If you do not receive the access code, your will get back the full amount back to your debit/credit card.

8. What should I do if I do not get the access code within 24 hours?

We take utmost care to set up your account and deliver you the access code within 24 hours. However, in any unforeseen situation or for any technical reasons we may delayed for 2 more days.
Please note that your payment is secure with the PayUmoney for 3-5 days. We do not receive the payment until the cool-off period is passed or you click on the "Release Fund" in your PayUmoney account.
So, within this period you have the option to claim the full refund subject to the condition that you have not recieved your access code from us.

9. If I claim the refund from PayUmoney even after receiving the access code?

We expect that no one will claim refund after recieving the access code. However, if that happens for any reason, your account will be deactivated and you will not able to use our service any more.

10. Whom should I contact if I face any problem in accessing the MCQs?

Please use our Support link provided at the footer. We will get back to you at the earliest as possible.

11. What is the validity of my subscription?

The validity of the subscriptions is 90 days from the date of receipt of your User ID or the number of sessions (90 practice + 10 pretest sessions), whichever is earlier. After the expiry of your validity period or usage of the number of allowed sessions, as the case may be, you are required to pay again for a fresh subscription.

12. What happens if I pay and subscribe but then I never practice?

After receiving the User ID and password, if you do not practice, you will certainly be the loser. There is no refund claim entertained in such cases.
Once the validity period expires, your User ID will be disabled/removed from our system. You are required to pay again for a fresh subscription, if you wish to.